Right Hemisphere Projects

Myndfulness Landing Page
Myndfulness.app is a website that lays out the features of the myndfulness app.
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Kulfi Collective
Kulfi is a coming-of-age content network on a mission to make the world (wide web) a brighter place, one meaningful story at a time.
Portfolio Cover Image for Kulfi Collective. Image shows the Kulfi Collective Logo.
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Borno App
Bornomala is an mobile app developed by Right Hemisphere to help young children learn Assamese and Bengali alphabets in a more interactive way.
Portfolio Cover Image for Borno. The image has three illustrated cards from the web-app.
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Samrat Deka
Director, SRD Group
Right Hemisphere listened to us... delivered more than we expected. Made us very happy.
Bijit Sharma
Propreitor & Co-founder, Esah Tea.
Love what you guys did for Esah. A lot of our customers appreciate your work
Right Hemisphere have built and developed our social media platforms from scratch and we now have excellent brand awareness online. Website visitors increased month by month due to our social media campaigns. They are extremely knowledgeable in digital marketing and highly enthusiastic. The team has the ability to think outside the box and I would definitely recommend them to others.

We’ve worked with innovative and purposeful brands looking for something different.

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